2 September 2009

Hand Drawn Typography

I have loved typography for a while now and when i had the chance to study it at University for a few months, i took that chance but it wasn't what i expected. It was serious, hard nosed straight talking type. No hand drawn, no experimental type and no playing with letters and typefaces. It was a few months of solid layout, alignment, simple decisions and subtle changes with type, along with cold, hard facts, rules, regulations and restrictions. So once i had the basics down it was the old adage of "rules are meant to be broken" So having learnt a few rules im now ready to break a few! I recently bought the book (that has been on my amazon book wish list for a while now!) "Hand Job - a catalog of hand drawn type", by Michael Perry and have realised this is the kind of typography i originally fell in love with and so i will be sticking with this for a while!

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